Costa Rica – February 2015 – Part 2

After a week of fishing inside the bay of Nicoya we had yet to see any big fish, something we usually do. There are several hotspots in the area, but the regular schools of big jack crevalles and other predators were just not there. We did see some baitfish, but not in any great numbers….

Costa Rica – February 2015 – Part 1

Back in February 2015 we visited our Norwegian friends Vigdis & Thomas in Costa Rica. They run the “Bahia Rica Sport Fishing Lodge” located on the Nicoya peninsula and this would be our 3rd visit there. While the fishing is their main attraction they also do sea kayaking, boat tours, SUP boarding and bioluminescence experiences….

Costa Rica 2014 – Part 5

Sailfish is the fastest fish in the world and swims at speeds up to 110 km/h! We saw many and landed a few. What amazing creatures!          

Costa Rica 2014 – Part 1

So we are back from our 3 week fly fishing adventure in Costa Rica. We have actually been home since the middle of March. Sorry for the lack of updates. After returning to Norway we have suffered from serious depressions. I actually cried while driving to work the day after returning. Norway is not like…

Day 4 – Hunting for sailfish

On the 4th day we went out into the bluewater west of the Nicoya peninsula hunting for sailfish and other pelagic open water fish. We rigged a #11 weight fly rod with a big streamer tied on a size 7/0 hook. We tied a weak point on the leader so that if we caught a…

Second day in Costa Rica

On our second day we went for some more in-shore flyslinging from the boat. The captain did really a good job maneuvering the boat so that the both of us could cast properly from both the stern and the bow of the boat towards the rocks. This was the day we got acquainted with the…