This blog is about the doings of men with a passion for slinging flies after fish. We live in Norway, a country in northern Europe. It is bloody cold here in the winter, but in summertime there are good opportunities to catch decent amounts of trout, salmon and other fish on a fly. In winter, we dream about fly fishing all the time. Sometimes the frustration of not being able to fly-fish grows to such levels that we see no other options than to get on a plane to warmer latitudes. On this blog we will publish stories from our fly fishing adventures in Norway and also from our economically unjustifiable winter expeditions to tropical and other southern hemisphere destinations.

The Flyslingers believe nature has great value and want future generations to experience it the same way as we do today.  We will do our best to contribute in the great struggle against further unnecessary destruction of valuable natural habitats such as rivers, wetlands, and lakes. We hope that mankind will not only stop harmful resource management, but also speed up restoration of areas already destroyed by industry and poorly planned infrastructure.

While we don’t have answers to all the challenges facing humanity, we will continue to document our fly fishing adventures here on this blog. Hopefully some poor soul stuck in front of a computer screen somewhere can get a bit of relief by looking at our stories and pictures from the amazing world of nature. And if humanity screws it all up and temperatures rise and carp takes over from trout, then at least they will have this blog to look at and think of how it was supposed to be.

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  1. Halvor Røberg says:

    Great 😀🤘

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