Movie: Flyfishing in paradise stream

North Island, New Zealand – December 2019

For me, flyfishing is not about catching the largest fish or the most fish. I flyfish because it connects me to nature with its spellbinding beauty and complexity. When fishing you never know what you will experience and you must be prepared to adapt to the situation at hand.

I am a total amateur when it comes to filming and making movies. Usually I just fish and immerse myself totally in the experience, focusing on the fish and the technicalities of the situation. But before fishing this beautiful tiny stream, I decided to try to make a small movie. Not to show how great a flyfisherman or moviemaker I am, but to try to show you the beauty of this natural paradise and the great fishing that can be experienced in such places. I hope it can motivate others to get out there and find their own little paradise fisheries, off the beaten path.

When fishing this little stream, I used an 8 foot 3-weight rod, rigged with a 16-foot leader finished with 3 x fluorocarbon tippet. This setup comes in handy in some of those tight situations, and the strong leader makes it possible to fight the fish directly and away from any snags. The flies used was a size 14 Hi-vis Parachute as an indicator, with a #14 Pheasant tail nymph thinly dressed and only weighted with a thin wire. This setup worked great throughout the day.

Flyfishing in paradise stream from Flyslingers on Vimeo.

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