Small streams on my way north

On my way north I headed up into the mountains and crossed some interesting looking smaller streams. It was then I saw it, a nice rise in a stream just next to the road. I pulled over immediately and made my way over to a small hill overlooking the stream. And then I saw the fish, a nice trout probably around 1,5 kg. It was visibly feeding both on the surface and below and after a while I decided to give it a go. Then came a big semi-trailer driving up the road and of course the fish got spooked and disappeared. I was just happy to have seen such a nice fish so close to the road and decided to explore the area some more over the coming days. The weather was still cold and all the larger rivers and lakes in the area were flooded because of the recent rains. This is not the first time I have experienced this and I knew my best chance was to explore smaller waters similar to the small stream where I had seen the rising trout. This approach had given good results on previous fishing trips both in Norway and in New Zealand.

After analyzing some satellite imagery, I found some interesting looking candidates and headed out into the wild. When I arrived at my chosen stream I did not see any activity. I measured the water temperature and it was only 6 degrees! My weapon of choice would therefore be a streamer and I systematically fished my way downstream, giving extra focus on the particularly interesting spots. It did not take long before I hooked up to some smaller fish just below 1 kg. Over the coming days the weather improved slightly and some baetis mayflies started to hatch together with mosquitoes. I knew it was only a matter of time before a fish revealed itself and decided to take a break and make some coffee next to one of the more promising pools. Just after finishing my coffee a fish started to rise out in the pool. It was very cautious at first, but as the mayfly hatch increased in intensity so did the aggressiveness of the fish. It was now or never and I served up a similarly sized CDC comparadun upstream in its feeding line. The fish did not hesitate and after a short fight a very nice 1,7 kg trout was in the net. It was the largest trout of the season for me and to catch it in such a small stream and in cold water was a real treat.

Now it was time to head up further north to Finnmark where I would pick up my friend Monrad and fish together with him for the rest of the month. The weather reports were not looking ideal, but I hoped the smaller streams might be the secret to success there as well.


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