New Zealand – South Island – Part 4

After fishing the backwaters and lagoons of the central highlands I moved about a bit, exploring new valleys and rivers all over the South Island. I was on the hunt for hatches and hopefully rising fish, but weather and other malignant forces conspired against me as usual. After a while I did find some waterways not affected by the recent downpours, but I was not seeing much fish. The ones I did spot were either hanging out in the deep pools or standing completely still in very shallow water. I spotted several nice fish standing in the shallows while moving upstream, but they were not reacting at all to my flies. And then I saw the footsteps on the shoreline… A fight had taken place there and these fish had probably been released after a fight not long ago. One of these fish were standing in the same place for 3 days, maybe still affected by having been caught. Just another reminder to show respect for the fish and the utmost importance of careful handling and quick releases.

I did not find much in the way of hatches so I used the opportunity to practice on my streamer-game. Some fish were caught by presenting large streamers downstream and close to the bank. But after a while I had enough of fishing blind. Thankfully the weather forecast was looking highly promising for the last week of my stay and I decided to make my way to the west coast.


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