Kola Russia 2016 – Week 27 – Part 2

After a short flight in the MI-8 tundra taxi we arrived at our new location, a stretch of river called “Oset” in the legendary Kharlovka river. Since Monrad had yet to catch a fish we all agreed to send him down to the river immediately to get rid of that terrible smell of skunk. It did not take long before we heard jubilant screams from the river as Monrad was battling a very nice fish. This together with slightly cooler temperatures got us all in a great mood as we planned the last part of our Kola adventure.

As usual we split up in pairs and dispersed both upstream and downstream from basecamp. After the very slow start in Mystic the fishing really started to pick up at our new location. We had a great time catching several fish over 3 kg and many around 2 kg. There was salmon in the area as well, but we were not able to land any this time. The largest trout weighed in at 3,7 kg and was caught by our group leader Kurt.

I am looking forward to visit these great rivers once again the same week this year.


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