Kola Russia 2015 – Part 1 – Wulfs lair

In August 2015 it was time to visit our Russian friends and rivers in the east again. Our slot was week 34 so it was quite late in the season. In theory the weather should be more stable, there would be less mosquitoes but also less hatches in general compared to earlier in the season. If you go early like in week 28, you could end up with snow or you could experience the mayfly hatch of your life with rising monster trout everywhere.

We arrived to slighly windy but otherwise comfortable conditions. Our plan was originally to first visit the strech of Kharlovka river called “Dream Pool”. But one of the resident guides told us that strech was full of salmon and that if we wanted trout we should head up to Wulfs lair instead. A strange dillemma indeed, but trout was what we came for so we followed the advice from the locals.

When we came to Wulfs there were very few insects on the water and no rising fish to be seen. Some nice looking currents had to be fished anyway and it resulted in the only first day fish weighing in at 2,1 kg.

Over the next days the crew split up and headed both up and downriver on both sides. The fishing was difficult because of the lack of insects on the surface of the water and thus few rising fish. We did not catch that many fish but the size was “above average”.


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