Costa Rica 2014 – Part 7

As everywhere else in nature the conditions in Costa Rica are always changing. One day can be crap while the next one is great. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. When you fish the tundra in the northern hemisphere you always hope for the next big hatch of caddis or may flies. When fishing in Costa Rica there are totally different factors in play, but none the less interesting! Things hatch in saltwater as well and predators always follow their prey.

Something big was about to occur in the bay of Nicoya. For some days we had observed big schools of bait fish gathering on the beaches towards the open Pacific ocean. The fishing had also been really good near the rocks towards the open ocean. But one day something had changed. There was little or no activity in the places we had caught a lot of fish in the days before. We started to look out for the birds as they are a good indicator of where the action is. After searching for them for a while with no luck we decided to head into the bay of Nicoya itself. It was then we spotted them. Millions of birds had gathered inside the bay. We also saw some big dark areas in the water. What was that? Algea? Pelicans don’t dive to eat algea do they? Then we realised it was HUGE schools of bait fish inside the bay. The bay was boiling with bait fish and larger predators as well.

Lots of bird action near one of the islands inside the bay of Nicoya.
Big bowls of baitfish w getting attacked by both birds and larger fish.


The skipjacks were all over the place and good fun on the 8 weights, at least for a while.



Jacks were present as well, but the big ones did not seem interested in our flies.


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