Costa Rica 2014 – Part 6

Whether you are cruising along in a boat or taking a walk on the beach it doesn’t take long before you see some amazing wildlife in Costa Rica. While out searching for sailfish we saw what appeared to be a massive school of jumping tunas in the distance. We got all excited and got our rods ready. The “tunas” looked quite big but when we came closer we discovered that it was actually a megapod with about 300 dolphins!

Later on something really big surfaced right next to our boat. It was a massive manta ray probably weighing in at about 1 ton and with a wingspan of about 5 metres.

On the way back we saw a lot of birds diving into the water along one of the beaches. Big schools of bait fish had gathered there and of course the predator fish were also nearby.

Megapod with about 300-ish dolphins!
Giant manta ray


One of the nicer beaches in the area. I sure would not mind residing in that hilltop villa.






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