Costa Rica 2014 – Part 1

So we are back from our 3 week fly fishing adventure in Costa Rica. We have actually been home since the middle of March. Sorry for the lack of updates. After returning to Norway we have suffered from serious depressions. I actually cried while driving to work the day after returning. Norway is not like Costa Rica!

So what is the deal about Costa Rica? Why do we travel to the other side of the planet every winter to sling flies after fish? Because Costa Rica (and the Nicoya Peninsula in particular) is paradise on earth! The weather is super nice. Cool animals live all over the place. And very big and strong fish swim around in the waters! Why wouldn’t we go there every winter? Why do we even live in Norway? Damn…

Here are some pics from our first days. It took us some time to gear up and really start catching fish. But we had 3 weeks and didn’t stress out. We just enjoyed the amazing wildlife and chilled out. Pura vida!



More fish in the upcoming reports! 🙂

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