Mountain trout in October

It was in the middle of October and the fishing season for trout in Norway was coming to a close. It had been an epic season for me with tropical fishing in Costa Rica and Venezuela in February and the Kola Peninsula in Russia in June. But there was one thing I had not done yet this season and that was to fish for trout up in the mountains. This is tricky fishing and you must have the weather on your side. One weekend in the middle of October we experienced some really nice weather. I knew about some nice lakes some hours drive away from home and decided to check them out. I parked my car at the end of the road and headed up towards the lake. My favorite lake in these mountains lies at about 1050 meters above sea level. On the way up I walked by some other lakes and there was still a thin sheet of ice on the water. It had frozen during the night, but now the sun was up and slowly melted it away. This was not going to be easy… I finally reached the lake and found that it also had a thin sheet of ice on it. I just had to wait untill the ice melted away and hopefully some poor insects would start to hatch.


It did not take long for the ice to melt, but then the wind increased. I had to find a section of lake that was in cover from the wind. The area to the right in this picture looked promising…


I sat down on a rock next to the water and waited..


After a couple of hours I thought I heard something on the water. And surely enough a fish was rising. And then another one only meters away. I made my cast and waited… Fishing on lakes is different from fishing in rivers as the fish move around much more. Patience is key to success. The fish was probably feeding on tiny midges and there was not many of them on the water. I decided to present a slightly bigger fly to the fish so I put on an Europa 12 caddis imitation. Cast again and wait… And then a nice fish came up and took my fly!

It was not the biggest fish I had caught, but it was surely one of the most satisfying ones!



Mountain trout in the middle of October 1050 meters above sea level. A very nice end to the season! Next up is Costa Rica in February…


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