A very small river close to home..

After returning from the trip to Kola I did not fish that much. It was summer and I convinced myself that chasing beautiful blonde 2 legged creatures would be more interesting than catching trout. It certainly was a lot more hassle and after a while I decided it was time to do some fishing again. Not far from where I live is a small river. I have driven past it many times but never considered big trout lived there. So one very hot day in August me and Monrad decided to check it out. As on Kola the conditions where not exactly ideal and no insects where hatching. In some parts of the river trees hang over the river and we discovered that some terrestrials fell on the water. I thought I saw some movement and to my surprise we saw a fish rise to take a fallen insect. The trout was positioned under a massive branch that was hanging over the river. I rigged my #3 rod and made a couple of casts at it. On my third try the fish came up and took my fly. It was a nice one as well at 1,1 kilos.

The lesson learned is that even the smallest river can hold decent trout. You will be surprised at how close nice trout is to your home and that driving for hours to your favorite destination is not always necessary to catch one.


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