More Dream Pool, Kharlovka

On day 2 in Dream Pool we woke up with strange dreams and memories of massive trout. And laughter. We were not quite sure how the evening before had ended, but it probably involved heavy consumption of vodka and whisky. It was a bit of a slow morning but after a while we were ready for fishing again. We decided to take the small inflatable boat to the other side of the river, and then head out on a small expedition on our own. The Kharlovka river itself did not have any activity at all, so we decided to check out a small stream that connected the Kharlovka river to a promising looking lake. The stream itself looked deep enough that it could hold fish on its own. If the stream didn’t deliver we could also check out the lake itself.


We checked out the small stream, but the current was to slow and we did not find any fish there.


Instead of checking out the lake, we decided to head down to the main river again. The conditions were not ideal with scorching heat and strong winds. The weather put a damper on the activities of bugs, trout and humans alike. The fishing was very slow and we only caught some very small fish. Since nothing was hatching we resorted to slinging big streamers in hope of catching a bigger one. It was not successful. In the evening both the heat and wind settled down and things started to come to life in the river. Monrad wanted to head upstream in the Kharlovka river, but I had some strange fantasies about that lake we didnt check out earlier. We split up and I headed up to the lake. It’s only a 15 min walk from the river itself.

I arrived at the lake at discovered that the wind was about to settle down completely.


I went down to the lake and sat down on a big rock right next to the water. To my great enjoyment the lake suddenly exploded in a massive caddis hatch. Caddis was skitting around on the surface all over the lake. Hopefully it would only be moments before I would see the first rising trout. And then it happened. A massive trout rose just 2 meters in front of me. I had a Europea 12 on and made my cast immediately. Wait….. Wait… And then the trout came up again like a big submarine. Slow and gently it rose and took my fly. All hell broke loose but after a good fight it ended up in my net. It weighed in at 2,5 kg. A nice start to the evening! Especially considering I had arrived at the lake only 5 minutes ago.



I decided to walk along the lake to look for more rising trout. I spotted another one about 50 metres away. It seemed to patrol very close to the edge of the water while eating caddis. I made my cast again and bang, another big trout had taken my fly! This one was a little bit smaller, weighing in at 2,1 kg. But still a decent enough fish… 🙂

And that was all the fish I saw in the lake that evening. The lake had caddis all over it but no other fish were rising. Perhaps the rest of the fish were feeding underwater. Or perhaps the lake does not contain that many fish at all. We will never know…

I headed down to the river again only to find the Swedes enjoying themselves on the other side of the river. It had been a tough day for all participants. Then it is ok to just sit down and enjoy the view.



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