More Mystic

The fishing went on quite late into the night until things settled down around 4 o’clock in the morning. After some food, drink and stories we settled in and dreamed about the fishing next morning. I woke up around 10 o’clock, rigged my gear and ate some breakfast.

Our Russian chef/guide Gena

Shortly thereafter we heard frantic screams for help coming from the river. It was Mikael and he had caught a big one.

Around 3,7 kilo

Me and Monrad decided to take the small inflatable boat and head downriver for the day. The area downstream from Mystic consists of numerous lakes connected by river sections. Every outlet has the potential of being the best place in the world to catch a big trout on a dry-fly.



Unfortunately the wind was a bit to strong and there was not that much activity. We had to resort to fishing blindly with big caddis flies. It was on this day I lost the biggest trout I have ever seen in my life. After a long fight standing on slippery wet stones I lost the fish while trying to net it. I would estimate it to around 4-5 kilos. Monrad had better luck and caught his new personal best! The fish was not very cooperative and all the posing pictures ended up like this before Monrad lost the fish and it was gone.

Monrad with his 2,9 kilo personal best

The following day we fished the Mystic river section itself. We crossed the river and headed upstream. It was a very hot day at around 28 degrees celsius. The wind was still quite strong at around 8 m/s. Even though the conditions were everything but ideal we did find rising trout.






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