Los Roques – Flyslinging paradise

The rest of the week with the guide passed by quickly. We caught a lot of bonefish both on the flats and on the beaches of various islands. Now we were to fish the next week on our own without a guide. Getting around in the Los Roques archipelago is quite easy. There are many taxi boats you can use to get to the smaller islands. We still caught bonefish even without the guide. And some nice barracudas as well. We also fished on the main island of Gran Roque. On the beaches just close to the restaurants you can fish for bonefish. The beach is full of minnows and big bonefish hunt there in very shallow waters. 4-6 pound bonefish literally swim between your feet. They are easy to catch on a gummy minnow fly. The problem is all the boats that are anchored up on the beach with ropes going into the water. The fish easily get entangled in these ropes and sometimes that is the reason you lose the fish. We had about a 50% landing rate fishing from the beach at Gran Roque. And the ones we lost were of course the largest.


Los Roques was a great experience and maybe a place we will visit again sometime in the future. Once you get there you are in flyslinging heaven, the problem is that getting there is a bit of a hassle. We had caught a lot of bonefish plus some tunas. We had our chances at permit and tarpon, but did not hook any. In our last week Venezuela experienced shortages of important stuff such as coffee and toilet paper. After 3 weeks of fishing we were ready to get back home.

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