Los Roques – The flats

The following week we really enjoyed ourselves. At night we ate at the excellent restaurant at posada Acuarela. Decent quantities of good south american red wine was consumed. And every morning we woke up before sunrise to get out fishing as soon as possible. After breakfast and coffee our guide picked us up and walked us to the boat down at the beach only meters away. We headed out towards various islands and flats and wondered what the day would bring. Would we get our much-needed daily bonefix?

The fishing on the flats was different from fishing the beaches. On the flats the bonefish feed mainly on shrimps, crabs and other crustatians. The gummy minnow fly that was so successful on the beaches was not the right one here. The fish can often be spotted from far away, so sometimes you have to intercept them and hope you can present your fly ahead of them without spooking the entire flat. When you see the bonefish get close you need to strip your fly. If the bonefish takes it all hell breaks loose as the entire school often get spooked.

On other occasions you would see bonefish tailing from a distance. Then you have to manouver yourself into position very slowly. This is flyfishing at it’s best. Hunting for bonefish you can see very clearly and then sight casting at it. You need to be precise and you need to be very careful. One mistake and that bonefish is spooked. But when it actually takes your fly it is a very satisfying experience indeed.

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