We had heard many tales of a fish called Roosterfish that swim in the waters of the Pacific ocean from California and down the coast. They grow quite big… You can catch them on a fly from the beaches in the mornings and evenings when they come close to shore hunting for mullets. So that was what we tried for but we were not successful in our efforts. We also had a big one swim after our fly while fishing from the boat, but it turned away in the last second. On our very last day of fishing in Costa Rica we still had not hooked a roosterfish. When we had one hour left of fishing we were exhausted. We had fished from sunrise to sunset every single day and done a lot of flyslinging. Our guide asked if we wanted to give the roosterfish one last go using a bonito as bait in some nice currents where he knew there was a chance of hooking a roosterfish. We agreed and not long after we saw a very big fish swimming behind our boat playing with our bait like a cat does to a mouse. The fish took the bait and the fight was on! Since I had caught the sailfish some days before it was Ole’s turn to reel in a big one.

Here is the fish caught by Ole in the very last hour of our fishing adventure in Costa Rica. The current world record is 51,7 kg (114 lbs). This one was probably around 45 kg (99 lbs). What a fish!


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