Day 5 – Tuna time!

After our epic sailfish experience the previous day we decided to do some proper flyslinging in shore on day 5. We headed out at sunrise and had our usual breakfast of Imperial beer.

We headed out for the rocks we knew had a lot of fish around it and started flyslinging. We had multiple hits each, mostly by big needlefish. They are very difficult to hook properly, so we didn’t manage to land any.



After a while we decided to move on and shortly after we found a big school of blackfin tunas in a feeding frenzy. They move very fast so it is not easy to catch them. We had to move the boat into position and cast in front of the school. We caught of couple of nice ones. These fish are so strong for their size. A perfect match for the #8 G-loomis NRX!




We moved further on to Isla Tortuga. We caught some more tunas and lost a big barracuda. We also saw some oxeye tarpon and a school of BIG bigeye trevallys.


Ole won the award for cutest fish of the day. What was the name of it again? Giant hawkfish!


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