Day 4 – Hunting for sailfish

On the 4th day we went out into the bluewater west of the Nicoya peninsula hunting for sailfish and other pelagic open water fish. We rigged a #11 weight fly rod with a big streamer tied on a size 7/0 hook. We tied a weak point on the leader so that if we caught a too big fish it would break there. No fun for a sailfish to swim around with an entire backing and flyline attached to the hook in its mouth. We had some teasers in the water and trolled the fly close to them, ready to strip and tease any sailfish to attack. Hopefully. If we caught a big one we just had to drive after it in the boat. It sounded like a good enough plan at the time. But after we saw a couple of big sailfish jump next to the boat we realized we needed to change to some heavier equipment.

What a fish!

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