Second day in Costa Rica

On our second day we went for some more in-shore flyslinging from the boat. The captain did really a good job maneuvering the boat so that the both of us could cast properly from both the stern and the bow of the boat towards the rocks. This was the day we got acquainted with the bigeye trevally!

The morning view from the beach at our resort:


The bigeyes were really biting this day. The drill was to move the boat close to the shore or some rocks in the water. Then we casted big streamers towards the rocks hoping a school of fish were nearby. If they were there our flies came under attack immediately. It was crazy to see a whole school of fish with open mouths rushing up to eat the fly. At the end of the day we had caught so many bigeyes we lost count. As with the jack crevalles the day before these fish are very strong for their size. We had to work our 10-11# rods really hard to get these fish up to the boat.

André fighting a bigeye trevally:

Ole with a nice bigeye trevally:

beautiful sunset on our way back to base camp:

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