First day in Costa Rica

So we are finally back from our 3 week fishing holiday! We stayed one week in Costa Rica at the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific side, then two weeks in the Los Roques archipelago in Venezuela. We are really sorry for the lack of updates during our trip, but the internet connections down there are not like home. And of course we were busy slinging flies as well.

Our first day in Costa Rica turned out very well for us. We arrived at our fishing lodge Bahia Rica at around midday and took the boat straight out to sea to do some flyslinging. First we got a lot of small 0,5-1kg  bonitos on #8 rods. Very strong fish for their size and good fun! Later on when the tide came in, the currents near some rocks exploded with fish and we caught about 15 jack crevalles between 2-6 kg 10-11# rods. They were biting very aggressively and we caught fish on about every 3rd cast. The last fish of the day was the biggest and the fight lasted 1 hour 15 minutes. Ole’s G Loomis NRX #10 rod was pushed to the limit in the fight with the 6 kg jack crevalle We were amazed at the strength of these fish. They fight so much harder than the fish back home.






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