2012 – Annus horriblis?

2012 was not a good year for flyfishing in Norway, at least not for me. The season was plagued by a late winter and a lot of rain in the summer. Even after a lot of invested time travelling all over Norway fishing since the ice had melted from the lakes and rivers in springtime I still had not landed a single trout over 1 kg. In mid august the Norse Gods decided to bring on a period of nice and warm weather.  So I packed my gear and headed into the mountains to a small river I knew had some nice trout swimming in it. The conditions were perfect and alot of bugs used the chance to reproduce themselves before ending their short lived lifes. The trout also saw their chance to fatten up before the cold and snow came upon them once again. Within an hour of arriving at the river I had landed a couple of smaller trout around 0,5 kilos. Then I saw a bigger fish moving about in a small backwater eating skitting caddis flies on the surface. I thought maybe it was around 1 kilo and positioned myself for a cast. I made my cast and the fish came up and sipped in my Europa 12 fly barely braking the surface. My rig was a #3 rod and the fish put up a very good fight. It had to be over 1 kilo? After around 10 minutes the fish was in the net! I was very pleased when it weighed in at 2 kilos! One of the best looking trouts I have ever caught and thankfully 2012 did not end up as an annus horriblis for me after all.


– André

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